An Adventurous Week in the Life of Mr. Hutmacher

Tarek Eye

I like to walk in city streets, from sideway to centre stage, through architectures of people, loneliness and chances. I love to imagine stories with unlikely characters, people I notice, things I note, atmosphere, lights. Happy people, sad people, handsome and ugly people fascinate me. Humans. I recognize in Tarek a similar fascination.

He applies his cinematic eye to spaces of observation that represent precision. A precision of place and aesthetics that draws me into a situation that defies rationality, but involves me completely in a shared obsession.

prof. Fredd Bonelli, philosopher by fire

I dreamed that I came out of a dream.

I was surrounded by people who spoke the gobbledygook.

Brides, and grooms and smiley party people.

I spoke the same gibberish which surprised me.

They were laughing at me.


The space was filled with fireflies.

There was music in the distance.

I tried to speak again.

I wanted to tell them something important but my lips were sealed.



They kept smiling at me when a door opened in the background.

A big band marched in wearing colourful uniforms followed by circus animals.

The crowd started to dance and sing and I went back to sleep.


And of course
Henry The Horse
Dances the waltz!

The Lady Doesn't Spit, She Wares A Mask

a tenant wakes up in the morning

she doesn’t recognize hierself nor the streets behind the window

has no memories of the days prior

not a single thing

“what’s my name?” she hums on the way out.


it’s a very silent day

sure, we can go out and feel free but there is no music

there is no crowd on the streets

who can sing with a mask on the face?


who rumoured that change will never come?


now the only question is: which way we will rumble further